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Do you expect a high quality printing job without any unexpected surprise, and have it delivered to your destination on time? It's easy to receive a high quality printing job!

We do accept these files only, as listed below, in order to ensure a high quality printing output.
Please DO NOT send artwork in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, PDF's created in Word or as low-res jpegs.

- A correct file format is important.
PDF PDF is the best format to submit your artwork work, and 100% risk free. However, we also accept these file formats, as below.

- Placed images
Placed images should have a resolution of 150 pixels per inch at full size for best graphic printing quality. However, in case if you don't have best quality pictures, please make sure to keep your resolution at 100-120 pixels per inch at full size. Scan/Photoshop files should be saved in CMYK mode as TIF or format. When placing such files in Illustrator, DO NOT PARSE OR EMBED the file.

- Text
All text must be converted to outlines.

- Color Matching
Any critical colors must be called out as a CMYK color.

Checklist: It's very important to make sure your art work is truly press-ready.

- Please make sure your art work has 3-5mm bleed
- 1-up on a single page
- Convert your text to paths, curves or outlines
- Only CMYK is accepted

How long have you been creating trade show displays and motivation products?

We've been producing these products for over 10 years.

Why has my payment been unsuccessful?

Things to check in case your payment has not been successful:
- Did you enter your credit card information and billing details correctly?
- Did you enter the right card type, card number, issue number, expiration date, and CVV security code (the three-digit number on the back of your card)?
- Does the billing address you entered exactly match the billing address information you have on file for the credit card that you entered?
- Do you have sufficient funds available on your credit card?
- Is your credit card enrolled for online purchases?
- Does your credit card have a defined limit for online purchases?
- Did you check the box indicating you are the credit card holder or authorized to use the credit card?

Can I change my billing/delivery address?

You may edit and update your billing and shipping details by going to Your Account page within the Online Store. If you update your delivery address then any future items you order will be sent there. Please note that your billing/delivery address cannot be changed for orders that are being processed. These items will be sent to the address on file at the point when your order was placed.

What is the turnaround time for delivery?

Fast! Once the art work is approved, in most locations around world, your order is delivered as little as 7 working days. (See Delivery)

Does graphic perfectly fits exhibition hardware?

In Banneraholic, graphics are produced from our internal computer grid system and tested for fit before being shipped. We produce your graphic to fit your show schedule and your budget. For heavy use, a thicker, more durable laminate will keep your graphic looking new.

What shipping method to use?

Our main carriers are UPS, FedEx and DHL, depends on availability of shipping destination. You can monitor entire shipment process online all the way down to your destination.

All products can only be sent to one address per order. To have different products delivered to different addresses you will need to place separate orders.

Where are you located? Will your location affect my shipping options?

We have our regional headquarters located in Sydney, Australia; Wellington, New Zealand; and Shanghai, China. Many of our customers are located throughout the continental United States and Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We guarantee a lower cost and provide free shipping all over the world, door to door delivered to your office.

How do I contact your sales office?

Banneraholic Australia Office
Tele: +61 2 8005 6298
By email: service@banneraholic.co.nz (Your email will be replied by Banneraholic specialists in 2 working hours)

For more specific inquiries, please Contact Us.